Area Representatives

– last updated December 8, 2022

Area 1:
Edward Mayer – 7655 –

Area 2:
Animal Care, Biology, Music/Concert Hall, Theatre
Zornitsa Stoyanova – 3410 –

Area 3:
Chemistry & Biochemistry, Psychology, EH&S (Loyola)
Barry Robinson – 2198 –

Area 4:
Fine Arts
Cameron Skene – 4689 – cameron

Area 5:
Cont. Ed., EH&S (SGW), Facilities: Planning & Development, JMSB, CIT, Archives, Alumni, Counselling & Development, Library, Education
***currently vacant

Area 6:
Communication Studies, IITS (Loyola), Physics, Science Technical Centre, Geology
Paul Eifert – 7589 –

Area 7:
Centre for Building Studies, Civil Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Spyro Koukis – 4139 –

• Area Representatives are nominated by a member in the area and the nomination is supported by at least half of the members in that area.

Adapted from CSN text:

Duties and Powers of a Union representative’s

A Union representative’s duties are to:

Enforce the collective agreement at the level of the unit that she or he represents;

Check that newly hired employees become members (have them sign union cards, give them information about the union, give them a kit of documents);

Inform the unit she or he represents of decisions made by the union council, and at the union council defend the policies suggested by the unit’s members;

Personally invite members of her or his unit to general meetings;

The union representative is elected by the unit she or he represents;

She or he is replaced by the unit that elected her or him;

A union representative’s term of office is two years, renewable, and at the end of it she or he must give her or his successor all union property as well as any useful information and relevant documents;

The union representative is the crucial link between the union leadership and the members;